Ogburn Berries and Produce is a family owned strawberry and produce farm.  We

sell our crops at our Roadside stand located at 13065 Old Stage Road, Willow Spring,

NC 27592.  We offer Seasonally available vegetables and berries that are picked at

the height of quality and ripeness each morning.  Here in North Carolina we have a

long growing season from march until October/November usually and we take full

advantage of it to provide a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to our customers.  

Our vegetable crops include Strawberries, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Cantaloupes,

Watermelons, Sweet Potatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cabbage, Peas, Cucumbers and

many many more!

Farm History:

The grower of all the vine ripened, seasonal fruits and vegetables is Sim Ogburn.  He

is the fourth generation of Ogburn farmers on this exact same ground.  In fact

Simeon Lloyd Ogburn, Sim’s great-grandfather, bought the farm and built the house

adjacent to the produce stand in the early 1900s.  So, to say farming runs in the

blood is an understatement, it has become a way of life for many generations in the

family over the last 100 years!  Throughout the years the farm has seen many

changes and crops grown here.  Until 2006 Tobacco was the main crop grown here

as well as Sweet Potatoes, Soybeans, Oats, Wheat, Rye, Grain Sorghum, and Corn, to

name a few, but after graduating from NC State University in 2011 Sim returned to

the farm and decided that Strawberries and Vegetables was the future of the farm in

this rapidly growing area.  In 2014, Sim was awarded the Wake County Agribusiness

Council’s Outstanding Young Farmer Award.  He is the second Ogburn to be

awarded this, the first being his father Tandy.